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About Us...

Spectrum Vaping was setup by smokers, for smokers
After trying to give up smoking and failing considerably back in 2011/2012, we came across a review on the internet.. At first we were a bit sceptical, but carried on and bought our first e-cig.When it arrived, we knew this was the first of giving up smoking. after about 4 months using this ecig, we were totally cigarette free. After the suprise of not wanting another "Stinky", we let other smokers within the family and close friends try and they went ahead and bought one, and subsiquently gave up aswell. After this we decided to start making the eliquids to help out friends, family and work colleagues... this then got bigger as their friends and family wanted to try our liquids..... and so, in mid 2013 Spectrum Vaping was Born.. Since we started Spectrum Vaping, it has gone from strength to strength. We went to a Limited Company in June 2014 and we have just started talks with local shops


Here at Spectrum Vaping, we only stock eliquids that we make and vape ourselves. Everything has been thoroughly tested to give you that pefect Vape.

We have regular testing, all our products are batched up, and recently, top reviewers vaping our eliquids!

We have a passion for our e-liquids, and want to get as many people trying them as possible. We are constantly manufacturing new flavours.

Where it's made

We're not some little guy sat in a shed, bedroom or kitchen. We have an ISO CLASS 7 Clean Room (using ISO 14644-1) in Exeter, Devon.

Our Clean Room has 2 Pre Filters and 4 HEPA Filters feeding positive air pressure into the room with 107 Air Changes Per hour.

The Future

We do hope, over the next year or two, to open up a shop or two as we seem to be getting busier and busier.

anyway, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us - [email protected]

Our Ingredients

All Our eliquids are made from the highest quality Ingredients. We only Use Pharmaceutical Grade products and our Nicotine IS NOT from China!!

If you have questions about or ingredients, please do not hesitate to emails us at [email protected]